Fine Venue Music

Bespoke customized audio solutions focusing on client needs

Do you own or control a venue that could benefit from a bespoke audio environment such as custom music or ambience?

Such venues include: fine restaurants, luxury hotels, cruise ships, yachts, private jets, travel lounges, luxury trains, museums, art galleries, theme parks, zoos, garden centres, gourmet food shops, jewellery stores, and premier retailers.

You can increase your venue's status as a social enabler with a corresponding increase in profitability by having its sound environment commissioned to your specifications and tailored to your desired image, customs, tastes, and applications.

We can provide instrumental classical music or original works in almost any style on an exclusive or nonexclusive basis. We also provide ambient soundfields and sound effects for retail displays, zoos, theme parks, museums, garden centres, and video media creation houses. Chances are you are already familiar with our sound creations although perhaps not conscious of them.

We are an association of engineers, computer scientists, and mathematicians, with considerable abilities in music and the arts. These abilities are greatly enhanced and amplified by our extensive music databases and AIs running on Linux computing clusters with many thousands of cores. Our sound synthesis studios are also arguably among the world's largest.

Our technological advantages enable us to provide original music in quantity with very high quality at prices much more affordable and with delivery much quicker than one would typically expect. Yes, we have largely automated the music creation, performance, and production process with all the attendant gains in productivity and quality control typical of automation.

We offer services in the following areas:

  • Audio Restoration
  • Sound Track Creation
  • Hardware Installation
  • Software Development
  • Acoustic Envrionment Testing and Design
  • Multimedia Production and Animation

We can deliver your innovative and unique audio content in your choice of published open standard formats:

  • Private and secure streaming audio
  • Private and secure server download (sftp/https)
  • USB memory stick
  • CD/DVD
  • Vinyl
  • Reel-to-Reel analog tape


Soviet Classical ogg | aac
Jazz Spectrum ogg | aac
Space of Hearts ogg | aac
Forbidden Speakeasy ogg | aac

Streaming open standard ogg-vorbis format ( audio example media supplied in part by:

Marschall Acoustics Instruments
Will Godfrey
Marschall Acoustics Pty Ltd

Video examples